We Purchased Sweeteeth Chocolate!

Eater Charleston recently broke the news about our purchase of Sweeteeth Chocolate

The bars are back.

Charleston-based candy company Sweeteeth Chocolates got its start at Park Circle's EVO Pizzeria. Chocolatier Johnny Battles fashioned sweets for patrons, and eventually the high demand made him realize he could go into retail. Now, his business, Sweeteeth is back in the hands of the pizzeria. After several years of success, Battles sought to sell the business last year. When another deal fell through at the last minute, EVO co-owner Matt McIntosh hopped on the opportunity.

McIntosh told Eater, "Sweeteeth is a great product and great brand ... it made sense to take it over, because it started at EVO." He didn't want to see Sweeteeth disappear.

Battles is currently training McIntosh in the ways of chocolate. Right now, fans can order the bars at EVO, but after building an inventory, McIntosh wants to get back the sweets back on the streets around the first of April.

At present, they plan to keep the same flavors, like Sea is for Caramel, but may start experimenting with different combinations in the future.