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On Tap

Munkle “Gully Washer Wit” (Charleston, SC) Belgian Wheat (5.2%) $7
Made with three different types of citrus peels, chamomile, and Indian coriander seeds. This Belgian wheat ale has notes of lemon, citrus, and spice produced by yeast, while the 15% oats lighten the body and add a smooth creaminess.
Charles Town Fermentory “Dutchman’s Breeches” (Charleston, SC) Belgian Dark Ale (9.5%) $7 (8oz)
This Belgian strong dark ale is aged on various whiskey oak spirals from High Wire Distillery with cherries, plums, and raspberries.
Low Tide “Bitter State of Rind” (Johns Island, SC) IPA (7.5%) $6.50 (12oz)
This IPA brewed with grapefruit and yuzu lemons packs a punch of bitterness but rounds out leaving you with a crisp, clean, and refreshing finish.
Charles Towne Fermentory “Aveline” (Charleston, SC) Saison (6.2%) $7.00 (12oz)
Local saison brewed with muscat grape must and Hallertau blanc hops. Dry and refreshing. Earthy white grape, wine like finish.
Revelry “Crosstown Brown” (Charleston, SC) Brown (6.5%) $7.50 (16oz)
The first of many great beers from local brewery Revelry. Smooth & slightly sweet, this classic nut brown ale is delicious.
Frothy Beard “Hominy Cream Ale” (Charleston, SC) Cream Ale (5.1%) $7
This light ale is full of that classic southern charm. Made with Hominy, or grits as it is commonly named, this ale is perfectly suited for those humid Charleston days. Light, crisp, buttery and refreshing.

Light & Easy

Freehouse "Folly's Pride" (Charleston, SC) Blonde Ale (4.8%) $6
Palmetto "Lowcountry Lager" (Charleston, SC) Lager (5.5%) $5
Revelry Kook-asaurus (Charleston, SC) kolsch (5.0%) $6
Revelry "Lay Day" (Charleston) English Summer Ale (4.5%) $6
Coast "32/50" (N. Charleston) Kolsch (4.8%) $5
Revelry "Gullah" (SC) cream ale (5.0%) $6
Edmunds Oast "Something Cold" (Charleston, SC) Blonde Ale (5.0%) $7 (16oz)


Lo-Fi "Blueberry Wheat" (Charleston, SC) Wheat (5.2%) $6
Revelry "Hotel Rendezvous" (Charleston, SC) Wheat (5.0%) $6
Palmetto "Raspberry Rewind" (Charleston, SC) raspberry wheat (5.0%) $6
Edmund's Oast "Coin Operated" (Charleston, SC) belgian pale ale (4.5%) $8
Holy City "Madam Basil" (Charleston) saison (5.0%) $6
Westbrook “White Thai” (SC) witbier (5.0%) $6
Holy City “Washout Wheat” (SC) Hefeweizen (5.1%) $5

Ciders & Sours

Westbrook "Lemon Cucumber Gose" (Mt. Pleasant, SC) gose (4.0%) $7
Wolffer “No. 139” (NY) dry rose cider (6.9%) $9
Westbrook “Gose” (SC) gose (4.0%) $6
Citizen Cider “Dirty Mayor” (VT) ginger cider (5.2%) $9
Citizen Cider “Lake Hopper” (VT) dry hopped cider (6.2%) $9

Hop Heavy

Holy City "Yeast Wrangler" (N. Charleston, SC) Imperial IPA (9.5%) $6
Lo-Fi “Jacuzzi” (Charleston, SC) IPA (6.9%) $10
Westbrook "Citrus Redacted" (Charleston, SC) IPA (8.5%) $11
Frothy Beard "Andale" (Charleston, SC) jalapeno pale ale (5.1%) $5
Coast "Boy King" (Charleston, SC) Imperial IPA (9.7%) $7
Palmetto “Huger St” (SC) wheat IPA (7.2%) $5


Holy City "Pluff Mud" (North Charleston, SC) Porter (5.5%) $7
Frothy Beard “Tides” (SC) irish red ale (6.2%) $5
Edmund's Oast "Lord Proprietor's Mild" (Charleston, SC) english dark mild (3.5%) $8

white wine

Chardonnay "De Forville" (Piedmont) $9/34
Gavi “Le Terre Di Stefano Massone” (Piedmont) $7/26
Pinot Grigio “Scarpetta (Friuli) $8/30
Verdicchio "Sartarelli" (Marche) $9/34
Prosecco "Bocelli" (Veneto) $10 split
Rosato “Pinot Project” (Verona) $10/38

red wine

Valpolicella "Mazzi" (Veneto) $11/42
Cabernet “Lis Neris” (Fruili) $45/btl
Lambrusco Dolce “Alfredo Bertolani” (Emilia Romagna) $8/30
Barbera D’Asti “Blina” (Piedmont) $10/38
Sangiovese "La Spinetta 'll Nero" (Tuscany) $10/$38
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo "Vigneti del Sole" (Abruzzo) $7/26
Schiava "Alois Lagedar" (Alto Adige) $9/34
Nebbiolo "Bruna Grimaldi" (Piedmont) $52/btl

Soft drinks

Tea (sweet, unsweet) $2
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2 (12oz)
Mexican Coke $3
Sprecher Root Beer $3
Pellegrino $3.50 (500ml)