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On Tap

Oak Road "Joggling Board" (Summerville, SC) Helles Lager (4.5%) $7.50 (16oz)
This Munich Helles is subdued and balanced with malts and a slight hop characteristic. Light and crisp like a Czech pils with an extra hit of malts. "Helles" is German for "bright."
Commonhouse Aleworks “Park Circle Pale Ale” (North Charleston, SC) Pale Ale (5.5%) $6
Expect strong tropical aromas, soft body, subtle bitterness, and the desire to have another.
Revelry “Ginger and Jasmine” (Charleston, SC) Sour (4.4%) $7 (12oz)
Light and super refreshing local sour with an amazing aroma, lightly tart fruit, and full ginger flavor.
Freehouse “Little Nug” (Charleston, SC) Pale Ale (4.8%) $7 (16oz)
Hoppy, silky, tropical. A dry-hopped pale ale. Very little bitterness or malt sweetness, this beer crosses the boundaries of clean, crisp and juicy all at once.
Munkle “Gully Washer Wit” (Charleston, SC) Wheat (5.2%) $7 (16oz)
Made with 3 different types of citrus peels, chamomile, and Indian coriander seeds. This Belgian wheat ale has notes of lemon, citrus, and spice produced by yeast, while the 15% oats lighten the body and add a smooth creaminess.
Holy City Oyster Stout (Charleston, SC) Stout (5.8%) $7.50 (16oz)
The local oysters make this beer extra smooth & creamy while imparting a nice salty brininess to an American Stout, brewed with a bushel of local oysters this beer is the perfect Lowcountry fall beer.


Cooper River "Golden Ale" (SC) golden ale (4.3%) $5
Palmetto “Lowcountry Pilsner” (SC) pilsner (4.3%) $5
Coast "32/50" (SC) kolsch (4.8%) $5
Freehouse "Folly's Pride" (SC) blonde ale (4.8%) $5
Revelry "Gullah" (SC) cream ale (5.0%) 7
Yazoo "Gerst" (TN) amber (5.1%) $5
Sixpoint "Crisp" (NY) pilsner (5.4%) $5
Lo-Fi "Mexican Lager" (SC) lager (5.5%) 6


Holy City "Chucktown Follicle Brown" (SC) brown ale (6.8%) $5
North Coast "Red Seal" (CA) red ale (5.4%) $5
Unibroue "Trois Pistoles" (Canada) belgian strong dark ale (9.0%) $8


Against the Grain "35K" (AL) milk stout (7.0%) $10
Founders "Sumatra Moutain Brown" (MI) brown ale (9.0%) $9
Holy City "Pluff Mud Porter" (SC) porter (5.5%) 5


Coast Hop Art IPA (North Charleston, SC) IPA (7.7%) $6
Frothy Beard "Andale’ " (SC) pale ale (5.1%) $5
Coast "Dead Arm" (SC) pale ale (6.0%) $6
Cooper River "IPA" (SC) IPA (7.8%) $5
Westbrook "One Claw" (SC) rye IPA (6.0%) $6
Against the Grain "Citra Ass Down" (KY) double IPA (8.2%) $10
Palmetto “Huger Street” (SC) IPA (7.2%) $6
Lo-Fi "Jacuzzi" (SC) IPA (6.9%) $10
Freehouse "Green Door IPA" (SC) IPA (6.2%) $6

white wine

Chardonnay “Elena Walch" (Alto Adige) $10/38
Gavi “La Luciana” (Piedmont) $7/26
Pinot Grigio “Cornaro” (Veneto) $8/30
Verdicchio "Sartarelli" (Marche) $9/34
Prosecco "Scarpetta" (Veneto) $7
Rosato “Pinot Project” (Verona) $10/38

red wine

Cabernet “Maculan Palazzotto” (Veneto) $52/btl
Lambrusco Dolce “Alfredo Bertolani” (Emilia Romagna) $8/30
Barbera D’Alba “Paolo Conterno” (Piedmont) $44/btl
Sangiovese "La Spinetta 'll Nero" (Tuscany) $10/$38
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo "Vigneti del Sole" (Italy) $7/26
Amarone “Gran Passione” (Veneto) $8/30
Pinot Nero "Colterezio" (Italy) $9/34

Soft drinks

Tea (sweet, unsweet) $2
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2 (12oz)
Mexican Coke $3
Sprecher Root Beer $3
Pellegrino $3.50 (500ml)